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28-Aug-2016 16:59

Certified as an ethical and reliable health care resource, and is the most visited BPD website in the world".

Kerby Anderson is the president of Probe Ministries International. Perhaps you have heard marriage speakers like Gary Smalley or Dave and Claudia Arp recommend this book (which should be available in your local Christian bookstore and is also available online at First, it provides a strong body of university research on what makes marriages fail.

We try not to fall victim to them and when we do, we try to name them as soon as possible.

The effort to avoid them is so much a part of our marital communication that we have even written about them here more than once.

But good intentions alone aren’t enough to get you there.

After you say “I do,” there are some things you must do to build a great marriage.

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Having identified those danger signs all those years ago, we have paid particular attention to them in our communication patterns with one another.

BPDFamily has been listed as a top 10 websites for BPD resources in 2016"not only because BPDFamily provides quality information and resources to families and partners, but because they offer compassion and hope.

BPDFamily is recognized by both medical and mental health professionals.

Here are nine factors that will help you and your spouse enjoy a happy marriage that lasts: Establish cherishing attitudes.

Honestly ask yourself what your marriage is worth to you.One of the wonderful bits of information that the workshops offered was called the Four Communication Danger Signs.

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