How do men feel about dating older women

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They tend to be untainted by experiences that have hardened older women. A younger woman seems more willing to let things take their natural course.” — Roger, 37, New York, NY The ego boost helps me maintain my health and vitality “When a guy reaches a certain age, he worries he will see his youth and vitality wane.

For example, when a woman’s been lied to a lot after years of dating, she always thinks that you’re lying to her, too. Younger women are less cynical, and that’s a big draw.” — Alan*, 52, New York, NY Dating without an agenda means having more fun together “What makes a younger woman a good catch? She’s interested in the here and now, in going out, in having fun. A younger woman reaffirms for me that I’ve still got it going on.” — Mike, 48, Orlando, FL Impressing a younger date is easier “One advantage of dating a younger woman is that you can play ‘cruise director’ — i.e., show her all your secret favorite places that she probably hasn’t experienced yet.

But dating a woman in her late 20s/early 30s when you’re approaching 50 is also less demanding; you’re not faced with the same requirements to make a decision about your future.

When your new girlfriend is 38, she expects you’re thinking about the next few years, not just the next few dates.” — Christopher, 46, Chicago, IL Their carefree attitudes make younger women more appealing “I’d say the allure is that younger women are less judgmental and less set in their ways.

Woman B: I was 23 when we started dating and he was 39. We got back in contact and I realized how much I missed having him in my life. Woman A: Looking back, I think he needed a partner who would tolerate his bullshit if he was to be in a relationship at all.

Woman A: The longest lasting of these relationships started when I was 18 and he was 40. However, we didn't start dating until I was 18 and he was 36. They split up around 2009 and I didn't hear from him for 18 months. Do you think your age was part of the attraction for him?

My friend (who was my age and in high school with me) worked at a ski resort near us. He's always been attracted to a person's personality. He actually thought I was older than I am, and both his wives were close to him in age.

Because he had a reluctance to grow up, he wanted to stay young in as many ways as possible.They don’t have a laundry list of what they want in a partner, a career or even life just yet. I think that kind of attitude appeals to guys my age who want a relationship to really be on They let me embrace my inner goofball on dates “Honestly, younger women are sometimes more open to having goofy good times than a woman who has a few years on her.You can invite them to the midnight showing of without getting a skeptical look.” — Marlon*, 41, Atlanta, GA Fewer years of dating equals less emotional baggage to carry “The appealing thing about younger women is their outlook on life.So before I give some bad advice how do you Sag guys feel about older woma So I have a friend who is into this Sag guy but she is almost twice her age. My ex wife of 8 years(I'm amazed as well) was 7 years older than me. The experience helps keeps us satisfied intellectually. Older woman peak my interest longer and don't hold back in the bedroom. I can go out in flip flops and bag a sweet peice of tail but it will probably get awkward when I ask what's the most fascinating place you've been to and she replies the local zoo.

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