Coke buttons dating

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Once you enter the code, you can find out all kinds of information about the machine's sales. The default access code is 4, 2, 3, 1, but the buttons aren't numbered.

They will either say nothing or have pictures of "Coke, "Diet Coke," "Sprite," and other Coca Cola products on them.

The town/city name usually indicates where the bottles were supposed to be originally circulated, and the location where a local soda bottling or distribution center was situated.

When Matthew Broderick needed to hack the payphone in , his tool was right at his feet.

* If they are in a grid or other format, button 1 is the top left one.

Button 2 is the one directly to the right of that, and so on. Scroll through the menu to find out information about the machine.

* If the buttons are in a column, button 1 is the top one.

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Button 2 is the second one from the top, and so on.By Friday afternoon, the Washington Post had published its entry about Trump’s long history of secretly recording calls, which included this anecdote, highlighted by the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale: US President Donald Trump has a SECOND big red button on his desk – and you won't believe what it does…