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Wikipedia may look smooth on the outside, but just below the surface there is an ongoing discussion over how certain people and events are going to be remembered.

This process involves the editing of pages, sometimes over and over again, by the site's most passionate users.

Spencer comes out and reports the bad news - she basically stole her sister's wedding ring.

Just then, they look up to see a creepy sign for an optometrist, with eyes bearing down on them, as if someone is watching them, and they know someone always is....

The episode begins with the pawn shop owner expressing shock at seeing Spencer walk back through the door of his shop, just like she said she would, forty eight hours after pawning Melissa's diamond ring.

The owner pretends he doesn't recognize her to cover up his mistake, but Spencer has the receipt as proof.

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His specialty, though, is in the art of inborn telepathy which makes him unique within the multiverse.His unique gift of telepathy manifested very early in his life, often to his parent's immense embarrassment.Desperate to curb the young man's precocious nature, his father sought the assistance of the local mage known as Alhammarret.The calculations involved are more attuned to matching players of similar skill, rather than accurately displaying your game rank: because of that, MMR is a less accurate representation of your overall Brawlhalla skill.

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In addition to each player's overall ELO ranking, players also have individual ELO ratings for each Legend.

Generally, the Ranked matchmaking system in Brawlhalla attempts to match players with opponents of equivalent skill.