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It can weigh up to 3.8kg and its body measures almost 40cm from its snout to its vent.

It generally eats worms and large insects such as dragonflies but is quite capable of taking small snakes and baby crocodiles. White's tree frog produces sticky mucus on the bottom of its feet at every step.

However, Billy was a barge horse and did not live a life of leisure. At age 60 he was depicted in a lithograph and painted too.

Currently, parts of his skull are displayed at Manchester Museum as well as at Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and Bedford Museum. George the Lobster George was captured off Newfoundhand coast in 2008 and weighed 20 pounds.

As medicine, society and science advance, our life expectancy continues to rise.

More people are living to be over 100 years of age than ever before, diseases that were previously fatal are now nothing more than a nuisance, and with the advent of new technology, many people are hoping that they will be able to use technology to increase the length of their lives, or possibly even live forever as a computer.

Aging may be a natural life process but for our animal friends, it’s more often a curse: predators pick out the slow, weak and old for an easier kill.

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It was captured in Seychelles Islands before being given to Robert Clive of the East India Company who gave it to the zoo in 1875.

Channels on the bottom of the feet leave dirt behind and new mucus is secreted in its place so the frog's feet are always clean. They have the light-sensitive protein, known as opsin, at the tips and base of their tube feet and, as they have feet all over, they can detect light with their entire body, like an enormous compound eye.

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